Diaphragmatic Breathing – The Benefits of Mindful Breathing

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Breathing. We all do it, but we rarely think about it. The action of inhaling and exhaling has such big impact on our overall health, yet many of us are not doing it properly. Think about your breath right now. Are your breaths long or short, deep or shallow, fast or slow? Chances are that you are not breathing in a way that maximizes your body’s ability to deliver oxygen to the lungs. Learning and using diaphragmatic breathing could change how you feel instantly, and improve your health long-term.

Dysfunctional Breathing

The typical modern lifestyle does not encourage proper breathing. We spend much of our time hunched behind desks, behind the wheels of our cars or sitting in a posture that does not encourage a deep, nourishing breath. The effects of this can be lower energy levels, anxiety, reduced blood flow, and constriction of the blood vessels in the brain and heart. Employing diaphragmatic breathing will instantly improve your energy levels and will over time reap benefits to your overall health.

Diaphragmatic Breathing – Mindful Breathing

The diaphragm is a large, dome-shaped muscle that separates your body into upper and lower halves. It is supposed to be the primary muscle used for breathing. This type of breathing can come naturally, but it takes some practice. Take a few minutes each day to do the following exercise and start feeling the benefits of diaphragmatic breathing.

Sit comfortably, preferably in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Sit up into a proper, but relaxed posture. Place your hands on your belly and take your first inhale. As you inhale, let your belly expand into your hands. Take about five breaths this way. Now move your hands to either side of your rib cage. Take five more breaths this way, this time feeling your ribs expand out to the side. Finally place your hands on your chest and take five more breaths while feeling your chest rise and fall. Now rest your hands in your lap and begin this three-part breathing. Inhaling into your belly, rib cage and chest with each inhale and then exhaling completely.

The more you practice this breathing exercise,  the more benefits you will experience. Try setting a timer to remind you throughout the day to sit up and practice diaphragmatic breathing.

For those who need some support for the respiratory system, here is a great product called Breathe, a remarkable blend of essential oils that help you breathe easier. You can find it here.

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