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by Marta Wachter on Blank Business Name
Highly Recommended

Liraz is excellent , I would very much and highly recommend her work.
She can address any joint and muscle problems.

by Lindsey on Blank Business Name
Rejuvenation of the body, mind, and spirit

Liraz is incredible to work with, she is so in tune with others and wants nothing but to help and support them. From using essential oils catered to what your needs are during your session, to making sure the pressure is just right, to the use of hot towels and also true energy work, each massage session is a little rejuvenation of the body, mind, and spirit. Having come off of a very difficult year, it was Liraz's healing hands that truly helped me recover and become more attuned to listening to my own body. I would highly recommend working with Liraz if massage therapy and/or energy work is something you are thinking about/wanting to explore! Thank you for everything Liraz!

by David H on Blank Business Name
Truly Heavenly

Highly recommend Liraz at Heavenly Embrace! Liraz has an amazing ability to sense and address problem areas. Her commitment to overall client well being is very evident in her work. Combination deep tissue massage and energy work is amazing and my personal favorite. Easy booking through her website. Five Stars!

by Libby Neumann on Blank Business Name
Best massage ever!

I've lived in Boulder for over 20 years and have seen many massage therapists. Liraz at Heavenly Embrace Wellness is the best! I can't rave enough about her massages - she is very intuitive and knowledgeable and knows just where your stress lies - I always feel 150% better after my sessions! Go see her and you'll understand what we're all raving about!

by Caitie R on Blank Business Name

Liraz at Heavenly Embrace is just amazing! Not only does she have a calming presence and welcoming atmosphere, her services are completely worthy of more than 5 stars. Don't go to a spa with an impersonal experience, if you want the perfect massage go see Liraz.

by Cathy H on Blank Business Name
Truly Heaven!

Liraz is a terrific massage therapist and reflexologist with a lovely space in North Boulder. She takes the time to look and listen to my various physical complaints prior to massage. Her sessions are relaxed and calming. Her touch is magic! She has a great deal of knowledge about the body and what it can/should/shouldn't do for optimum wellness. She always provides guidelines afterwards with suggested movements and treatments to continue the benefits of the massage. Her mind is open to new things and her approach is entirely holistic. I always feel well taken care of and I always look forward to the next session. I have chronic pain in my knees and feet, and her attentions directly address those issues and she has given me a reason to be more optimistic re: a complete recovery. She's an advocate for healthy living while still enjoying life, and offers a network of resources to that end. The healing properties of essential oils is just one of her many tools. I count myself very fortunate to have found Liraz.

by Anne Braggins on Blank Business Name
Exceptional massage!

Liraz was extremely welcoming and took the time to really listen to my concerns. She provided an exceptional massage as well as helpful tips for easing my pain at home on a daily basis. I am already looking forward to my next visit.

by Vanessa Bagnato on Blank Business Name
Heavenly Experience

Visiting Liraz is truly a heavenly experience. I have had a lot of massages, and none have ever come close to being as amazing as my sessions with Liraz. She has such a unique skill, in that she truly understands your body and how to customize her sessions for your body. If I'm out of town and I happen visit schedule a treatment with a local spa, it is clear how out-of-tune most spa employees are with your body. They just go through routine motions, while Liraz will always customize technique, pressure, and essential oils for you.

by Lihi Rephael on Blank Business Name
Tuned and Sensitive

I had the pleasure to be Liraz's patient in the last two years, when I lived in Boulder. She was very tuned and sensitive to my physical and emotional needs. She knew how to give the suitable treatment to what was needed for me in order to feel better. Without a doubt I felt stronger and balanced after every treatment. Liraz always cared about how I was doing between our appointments and gave me the right advise for self treatment at home. I am grateful I had the chance to meet Liraz, she has a golden hands.

by Scott Stevens on Blank Business Name
Profound Relief

Liraz is, quite simply, an artist of healing and massage therapy. I arrived in CO a year ago carrying, (literally!), a boatload of chronic neck, shoulder and back pain and was fortunate enough to find her website. Her ability to quickly pinpoint and begin to treat each problem was amazing and the relief I've experienced has been profound. As I told her, if I'd found her earlier, my career would have lasted another ten years! You won't find a kinder, more knowledgable, or skillful professional, than Liraz.

by Sara F. on Blank Business Name
Magical Experience

Wow. I had the an AMAZING massage this week at Heavenly Embrace. Liraz created a peaceful, relaxing environment in which to deliver skilled and powerful bodywork. Tailored to meet my specific needs, Liraz incorporated the use of hot towels and aromatherapy to provide me with an absolutely magical experience. I will be back and highly recommend her massage services!

by Cristin Marie on Blank Business Name
Major Pain Relief

I have been suffering from chronic neck/shoulder pain and migraines for over three years now from a snowboarding injury. I have found great difficulty finding relief from the consistent and often debilitating pain. Liraz Bergman-Turner at Heavenly Embrace has been such a gift. She is a professional and knowledgeable healer whom also has a true and genuine interest in the well-being of her clients. Since I began working with her just a few short months ago, my headaches are few and far between and the neck pain is almost completely gone. I absolutely recommend seeing what she can do for you.

by Meera Doranna LeVine on Blank Business Name
Benefited Greatly

I am grateful for the quality of massage and energy work Liraz embodies in our sessions. I have benefited greatly from her keen sense of touch, energy and various suggestions for my health and wellbeing. Thank You Liraz.


My combination massage, reflexology and energy work was a complete mind and body rejuvenation. Physical and emotional tension released in a warm, embracing atmosphere. Will highly recommend, and will visit again when my travels take me to Boulder.

by Shayna Turner on Blank Business Name
Thank you!

Amazing massage!!! Loved the blend of energetic & deep tissue work. Thank you!!!

by Kristi on Blank Business Name
Appropriate Name

The name Heavenly Embrace is so fitting for Liraz and her practice. I went in with stress and anxiety, and left without a care in the world. Liraz is angelic. She really listens to what you are saying and gives you the treatment that is best suited to help you. Highly recommended!

by Sherri on Blank Business Name

Called for foot massages(two)day of and Liraz was accommodating. So professional, communicative, and caring. The environment is condusive to relaxation and anti stress. We will be back for sure. Purchased a gift certificate too. Wonderful all around in every way.

by Marina on Blank Business Name
Always the best!

Liraz is a gifted massage therapist. I leave her clinic freed up from pain and with a deep feeling of well being.
The atmosphere which Liraz creates is wonderful, she makes you feel so comfortable and loved.
It is a pleasure for me to visit her clinic every time and I can recommend her services without hesitation.

by Suzy Wolf on Blank Business Name
Amazing Massage

Liraz gave me an incredible massage! She was so committed to getting deeply and effectively to the spots where I needed to be reached. I was having some shoulder issues and she was so good at getting me to breath and at approaching from the right angle so that her touch was extremely effective.
Her combination of a thorough and careful massage with energy and breath work made her massage one of the best I have every had (and I get massaged fairly regularly). I will be back!

by Mor Zucker on Blank Business Name
Say goodbye to back pain!

I have been experiencing lower back pain on a regular basis since my first pregnancy almost 6 years ago.
There are many nights that I toss and turn awake in bed from pain and even painkillers don't do much.
After Liraz gave me a treatment I was able to finally sleep pain free for almost 3 weeks solid and to top it off I even felt less stress during the day. I highly recommend Liraz!!It was a massage like no other and I am ready to book a follow-up treatment.

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