Natural Medicine: The Healing Power of Essential Oils

For thousands of years, essential oils have been renowned for their medicinal, purifying, and therapeutic properties. Descriptions of the healing powers of these oils are found in nearly every corner of the world, from the biblical texts and Egyptian history, to ancient Chinese medicine and Greek philosophy. Today essential oils are used extensively in aromatherapy and healing massage, as well as a safe alternative to prescription drugs.

Shedding light on essential oils

The list of dangerous side effects accompanying most prescription drugs can seem to go on forever; because of this, a growing number of people are seeking out other, more natural forms of healthcare. Essential oils happen to be one of the safest and most effective methods of natural healing, and there are a number of ways they can be utilized. They may be applied topically in massage, baths, and reflexology, or internally through capsules or cooking; they can be diffused or inhaled for aromatherapy, and even used for cleaning and disinfecting. Here are just a few essential oils that can be used to promote optimal health and well-being.

Lavender: Lavender is one of the most popular of the essential oils, and it’s no wonder why. As aromatherapy, lavender alleviates stress, anxiety, and depression; applied topically, it treats everything from burns to insect bites to acne; and a few drops on your pillow can work as a powerful sleep aid.

Peppermint: Another well-known essential oil, peppermint is often used to soothe indigestion and nausea. Its cooling properties are also employed to calm sore muscles and headaches.

Citrus: Citrus oils are known to help calm the body and brighten mood. Lemon oil is especially helpful in lifting mood and reducing stress by lowering the stress hormone cortisol. Orange oil helps cure colds and digestive troubles such as gas and constipation.

Summer safety reminder: DO NOT APPLY CITRUS OILS TO SKIN THAT WILL BE EXPOSED TO THE SUN! Citrus oils are photosensitive and your skin WILL burn.

Eucalyptus: A few drops rubbed on the bottoms of the feet can help relieve a long list of respiratory ailments, included colds, bronchitis, flu and sinusitis.

Spruce: The uplifting scent of spruce makes it a good choice for combating depression; when inhaled, White Spruce acts as an antihistamine to cure allergies and asthma, while Black Spruce stimulates the adrenal glands and fights sleepiness.

Frankincense: Distilled from frankincense resin, this essential oil has been prized since ancient times for its calming, relaxing properties. It can help to relieve asthma, bronchitis, and chronic cough; but now, studies are showing that frankincense may be even more beneficial than anyone imagined. Researches from the University of Oklahoma and the University of Nevada found that frankincense kills cancer cells, and promotes the growth of healthy cells in the body. With further study, this essential oil may someday replace chemotherapy and radiation as an effective cancer treatment.

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A Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and I’m not offering cures for illnesses. If you’re sick, or dealing with a medical concern, please see a medical professional.


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