Managing Fibromyalgia Pain With Massage

Many people in the US today suffer from chronic pain, headaches and exhaustion, but do not know the cause. Fibromyalgia is a musculoskeletal condition that causes chronic, widespread pain in the body. It has been found recently to also cause tension headaches and exhaustion. In more severe cases, it can leave its patients in bed for days. Other symptoms include mood swings, memory problems, and gastrointestinal problems such as nausea and bloating. It has also known to affect women more than men. Unfortunately, there is no physical evidence of the condition, making it difficult for doctors to treat, or cure it. Due to the lack of physical findings, it is considered a psychosomatic condition, meaning they believe the cause is not physical. If you would like more information on the believed causes of fibromyalgia, go to Mayo Clinic.

The stress fibromyalgia brings on is just as damaging as the problem itself. Stress has been known to cause tension in the muscles, which strains on the nerves and tissues. When any of these are lacking oxygen, it causes more irritation, and the condition will steadily get worse. Despite all the complications, fibromyalgia is not a disease, but a treatable syndrome. Most doctors prescribe pain and relaxation medications to try to ease the symptoms, but do not address the root of the problem.

According to Fibromyalgia Treatment, massage therapy has been proven to aid in the pain of fibromyalgia, and provide constant, and lasting relief to those who maintain a good regimen with their therapist. Heavenly Embrace has the knowledge and experience to effectively provide this relief.

A focus will be given during the massage to the main trigger points of pain, which are the neck, upper back, and lower back. Though the pain all over the body, it is the nerves of these three areas that are the main source of discomfort.

By massaging these areas, the therapist will bring oxygen back to the muscles and tissues, allowing for relaxation and the relief from pain. It is not only the body that will benefit, the ease will give a peace of mind that allows relaxation for the mind and soul as well. Self-care is not just about taking care of a source of stress, but bringing wellness to the person as a whole. It will help with all aspects of life, and make living each day that much easier.

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Liraz Bergman-Turner is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master & the owner of Heavenly Embrace, a massage and energy healing practice in Boulder, CO.

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