Common Office Health Problems

Office workers generally have very physically safe jobs, in the sense that they are not required to lift heavy objects, operate large machinery, move exceptionally fast, or generally apply significant physical force in any way. In fact, office workers are at relatively low levels of risk for any sort of on-the-job injury. However, office workers are usually under a lot of stress and at risk for a variety of chronic medical problems.

A large portion of this risk is due to the fact that office workers are sedentary and that they are required to make small, repetitive movements for long periods of time. Typing and extensive computer usage can often lead to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome, which can cause pain, numbness, and cramps in the hands and wrists.

In addition to carpal tunnel, because office workers are sitting in the same position for hours, their posture often suffers. Extended sitting with bad posture can cause all sorts of neck, shoulder, and back problems like forward head position, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, elbow Tendonitis, and anterior pelvic tilt, all resulting in soreness, stiffness and misalignment.

Fortunately, there is a way to alleviate and prevent the vast majority of office-induced issues: in come massage 🙂
Deep tissue massage is an excellent choice of treatment that helps loosen muscles and joints and relieve tension. It can be instrumental in preventing medical problems from occurring, reducing the chance of pinching a nerve in the hand (the cause of carpal tunnel) and encouraging good posture in the back and neck. In addition, once problems have developed, deep tissue massage is a very good way to mitigate symptoms and can even completely correct some of the common medical issues encountered in the office.

If you are an office worker, be aware of the possibility of these medical problems, and go to a certified massage therapist regularly to prevent them from occurring. In addition, try these stretching tips and a great product called Deep Blue Rub (you can find it here).

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