How Massage Can Help Your Back Pain

Massage Can Help Your Back Pain

Back pain affects many people here in Boulder and in the rest of the western world, causing lost work, pain, and other health problems. Many individuals do not know that deep tissue massage can relieve several types of back pain. Myofascial pain syndrome, pulled muscles, pinched nerves, workout soreness and more have been successfully treated with deep tissue massage. Heavenly Embrace provides a well rounded therapy focusing on the active lifestyle of people in Boulder, to treat these issues.

  • Myofascial Pain Syndrome – Myofascial pain is associated with several disorders and injuries which cause the protective coating around your muscles to break down. This pain causes general tension, radiating pain, and can make you susceptible to more injuries. Deep Tissue Massage brings blood flow into the areas of the muscle which need healing. Deep tissue massage also breaks down buildups in your muscles which cause tension and prevent exercise.
  • Pulled Muscles – When a muscle is pulled or torn, your body bulks up, creates cramps and scar tissue and tightens your muscles. Deep tissue massage breaks down cramps and scar tissue and relieves the tension caused by bulking up. Additionally, deep tissue massage can relieve pressure at insertion points, where the muscle connects to the ligament. This massage provides relief from pain, and relaxes the muscles around the injury, which gives your entire back the ability to heal.
  • Pinched nerves – Pinched nerves are exacerbated by muscle cramps and can cause them as well. Deep tissue massage releases the muscles around the nerves, which gives your body the time and space needed to heal the injury and reset the nerves.
  • Workout soreness – When we workout, we tear muscles, causing tension, and we engage in anaerobic activities, causing a buildup of lactic acid. Deep tissue massage relaxes the tension from muscle tearing and building and breaks up the concentrated lactic acid in your muscles.
  • Emotional and Mental Stress – Because our mind and body are connected, our mental thought pattern and emotional state, effect our health. Refusing to see other sides of the question, stubbornness & inflexibility in life might be the cause of our pain in the neck. If we feel we lack the emotional support in life, unloved or we’re holding back love we might be dealing with upper spine issues. Middle spine is known to hold on to guilt, to our past and to “get off my back” attitude. Our lower back is connected to the fear of money or lack of. Energy work combined with the Deep Tissue Massage help release stuck energy in the muscle tissue and allow the body to heal itself.

Here is a link to a study that shows how massage provided pain relief and improved daily functioning in adults with moderate-to-severe low back pain.

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Liraz Bergman-Turner is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master & the owner of Heavenly Embrace, a massage and energy healing practice in Boulder, CO.

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