Making The Most of Your Boulder Massage

Whether you are going for your first massage at Boulder studio, or maybe you visit once a week. These tips are great for anyone to help you prepare for your massage and really make the most of your experience.

This is a special time that you have set-aside just for yourself, and you deserve to make it as relaxing and meditative as possible. The treatment room is designed to help you relax and have a wonderful experience. Here are a few tips I have found useful as a therapist in helping people make the most of their experience in Heavenly Embrace Wellness.

Arrive On Time

One of my goals is to help you relax. If you wake up late or rush out the door and drive like crazy to get here, it will be harder for you to relax. I would advise you to make sure you have plenty of time to arrive at your appointed time. By showing up on time or a couple of minutes early, you will not feel rushed or stressed. During the massage, I will able to help you reach a state of complete relaxation more quickly.

Comfort Level

You should be comfortable. As a massage therapist, I always drape the appropriate areas of your body while not being massaged, and your modesty is preserved. However, if you are not comfortable being completely naked, I would ask you to make sure to wear comfortable clothing that allows me to reach the places I need to reach easily.


To get the most of your massage, you need to communicate with me. You should let me know exactly what your needs are when you arrive. If you experience a problem during the massage from a cold room to a sore spot, I need to know right away to make you more comfortable.

Relaxing During Your Massage

If you want to chat with me during your treatment, go right ahead 🙂 I love hearing about my customer’s lives and family and I will answer questions. Your information is confidential and the clinic is a safe place. If you prefer not talking, you should not feel like you need to keep me entertained 😉

I will follow your lead. When you are having problems relaxing, I recommend you take a few deep breaths or attempt to follow my hands in your mind. If you find that the wheels in your mind are still going strong, you can always let me know, and I’ll guide you into deep relaxation.

After The Massage

Relaxation is one of the goals of the massage. When the session is over you should not try to get up off the table too quickly. I always recommend you take a few moments and rise slowly. After leaving, I think it is important for you to drink plenty of water throughout the day and expect some integration time.

With my tips, you can make the most of your massage experience. At Heavenly Embrace Massage and Wellness, we are dedicated to giving you the most beneficial and client centered services available. When you are ready to book your massage session or have any questions, please feel free to contact us or click here to schedule online.

Love and Light,

Liraz Bergman-Turner is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master & the owner of Heavenly Embrace Massage and Wellness in Boulder, CO.

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