Skin and Hydration

Your skin covers the entire surface of your body, making it your largest organ. The skin’s function is:

  • To protect what lies beneath its surface from potential harmful agents, including microorganisms, chemical damage, temperature variation and impact
  • To relay sensations to the rest of the body
  • To regulate body temperature, fluid balance, Vitamin D synthesis and peripheral circulation

As such a large and important part of the body, you would think our skin would be well cared for, but this is not always the case. One of the most significant aspects of skin care includes keeping the skin properly hydrated.

The Substantial Value of Balancing Skin Hydration

What’s the connection between skin and hydration? Everything…Fitness level, age and gender contribute to the amount of water typically contained in the human body, but the average adult’s body contains about 65% water! Since skin is composed mostly of water, losing just a small amount of the body’s water volume can lead to skin dehydration.  Of course, drinking plenty of water is the first line of defense against skin moisture loss, and here is why you should drink water more than anything else..but  keeping your outer layer hydrated is not as simple as that!

Both external and internal factors can influence your skin’s moisture balance, and we are all susceptible to these effects:

  • Smoking and alcohol usage
  • Overexposure to environmental elements, particularly wind, sun and temperature extremes
  • Aging and stress
  • Mechanical manipulation, such as application of synthetic beauty products, sunscreens and cleansing
  • Foods

What Can We Do To Rescue Our Skin?

Below are some easy and effective habits to prevent the ravages of skin dehydration.

  1. Moisturize with products containing Hyaluronic Acid
  2. Turn your air conditioner down or off at night
  3. Use a humidifier in dry climates
  4. Use shower cream, rather than shower gel
  5. Limit sugar, salt, alcohol and caffeine intake
  6. Eat plenty of foods containing Omega-fatty acids, such as nuts and salmon
  7. Drink plenty of water and eat foods that contain lots of water (fruits and vegetables)

At Heavenly Embrace we use Jojoba Oil, which is rich in vitamin E and zinc, to nourish the skin as a carrier oil for our massage treatments and most often dōTERRA essential oils (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) to address different ailments and concerns. 


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Love and Light,

Liraz Bergman-Turner is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master & the owner of Heavenly Embrace, a massage and energy healing practice in Boulder, CO.

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