Massage Tools

Massage Tools

I like to use massage tools to enhance your massage experience. I do not employ the tools throughout your treatment, but rather use them to aid in either myofascial release or help with relaxation and release of energy stagnation during your treatment.

Dynamic Cupping- Silicone Cups

massage tools - dynamic cupping with silicone cupsThe usage of these medical-grade silicone suction cups with gliding massage motions are integrated into my work with the intention of myofascial release or scar tissue release.
In this form of healing, oil is applied to the skin before creating suction and once the vacuum is created the cup is gently moved over the skin so as to provide a form of inverse massage therapy.


Kansa Wands

massage tools - kansa wands

The power of this massage tool is said to come from the ancient, golden metal called Kansa, a sacred metal alloy produced from pure tin and copper. This blend of metals is known in Ayurveda, a traditional healing system in India, as “Healing Metal”. In English it’s called Bell metal and is form of Bronze.
Kansa wands come in different sizes and traditionally are used on the face, the body and the feet. Organic Jojoba oil, along with essential oils, are used in the massage, which helps the wand to glide carefully, providing a warm, relaxing, and comfortable sensation while balancing the subtle energies of the body.

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