Natural Techniques For Coping With Anxiety

For anyone who has suffered from Anxiety or experienced a panic attack, you understand how helpless and debilitating it can feel. Anxiety is a common disorder that is often misunderstood. Since it is not always obvious to others, many people suffer in silence never seeking the help they need.

Many others refuse to seek help because the thought alone causes them to feel anxious. The person may fear that no one will understand and that anxiety is something they must learn to live with.

There are a variety of reason’s a person may develop anxiety. A serious health issue, brain chemistry that is not balanced, trauma, or even genetics are common causes. However, the leading cause of anxiety has been directly attributed to the amount of stress in a person’s life. While some people easily cope with stressful situations, others’s may find it difficult to relieve the tension on their own and their system gets overwhelmed.

Though anxiety and panic attacks can cause a person to feel completely overwhelmed, there are ways to reduce symptoms naturally. One such way is to combine massage therapy, energy healing, and certain essential oils.

The key to this type of holistic healing is in the body and minds ability to relax and release negative thoughts and energy. The person is then free to focus on self-healing.

While massage helps loosen and relieve tension and pain in the body, energy work does the same for the mind. Essential oils such as lavender known for their ability to reduce stress and calm the nervous system, others like Bergamot are known to help emotional balance. The oils are then used as another tool to aid the body in this process of achieving total mind-body relaxation. As the smell reaches the receptors in the nose, it sends a message to part of the brain that controls memories and emotions, there it creates a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Together this combination can create the perfect atmosphere for stress reduction and self-healing. In this way, a person can begin to focus their mind, body, and energy on healing anxiety.

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Liraz Bergman-Turner is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master & the owner of Heavenly Embrace, a massage and energy healing practice in Boulder, CO.

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