Celebrate Men’s Health & Father’s Day With Massage

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As a massage therapist in Boulder, I see a lot of active men coming in for bodywork. A year ago I saw a client that we’ll call “Peter.” Living in a heath-conscious place like Boulder, Peter ate a good diet (some of the time), and was very busy and active, with a young family that was keeping him on his toes and a near future move. Truth was, stress was getting to him. I could feel it. When he came to me for a massage to “relieve some tension,” we were talking about areas of focus and problems, and he mentioned that he had recently started getting severe tension headaches and was having a hard time with some of his rigorous activities. He was also under a lot of stress and pressure at his job. I worked on Peter’s (very) tense body, and then suggested that he see his doctor for further evaluation about the gnawing stomach pain he was experiencing on and off for a few days. He insisted that the massage had really helped his over-whole feeling, so everything was probably fine.

Men are notorious for putting their health last – waiting until something is seriously wrong before seeing a doctor. National Men’s Health Week is a great time to raise awareness and support the health and well-being of the men in our lives and within our local community.

Below are five important tips for men (as well as for women) to keep themselves healthy:

Go to Sleep!
As a mom, I know this is easier said than done, especially for parents. However, not getting enough sleep is connected with many chronic ailments such as heart disease, obesity, and depression to name a few. I know there’s a lot to do, but aim for 7-9 hours of sleep a night. So start shutting down that computer/phone/TV around 10 pm and hit the sack.

Move Move Move
We live in Boulder – everyone’s active here, right? But it’s easy to put it to the side when schedules get busy. Make exercise a priority , and get in at least 2.5 hours of heart-pumping activity a week (spread it out), working in some strength training a couple of days a week while you’re at it. Really don’t have time for much this week? At least stretch! The important thing is to move your body to keep it healthy.

Don’t Let Stress Eat You Up
Eating well is another thing most Boulderites have down, but it’s still easy to let the diet slip during times of stress. Focus on fresh, whole foods, get in some protein, and limit your intake of sugar, salt, bad fats, and too much alcohol. Snacking during the day is great to keep up your energy, just make sure those snacks are healthy. (Think baby carrots or mini peppers with hummus.)

Tame Stress
Well, this one is my favorite because of what I do 🙂 A little bit of stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing (especially when running away from a mountain lion), but too much of it for long periods of time can take a toll on your emotional, mental, and physical health. When feeling exceptionally stressed out, seek out the things that bring you peace, joy and comfort. Go for a hike (and leave your phone in the car). Do some yoga. Meditate. Play ball. Connect with your friends and family. Talk to someone about your stresses. Treat yourself to a rejuvenating massage, restorative energy healing or reviving reflexology session. Anything that helps you release.

Stay on Top of It
Dudes, don’t be dudes. See your primary care provider regularly to make sure everything is how it should be (that means once a year), and go if things are feeling “off.” Certain conditions may be symptom-less, so seeing a healthcare provider can help diagnose a potential problem early. When your body is speaking to you, listen.

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I’m sure you are all wondering what was up with Peter… After casually discussing it with his wife, she insisted he see the doctor. His doctor diagnosed him with peptic ulcer caused by stress and was prescribed antibiotics. Peter is now doing great and still finding new ways to deal with his life-stressors. Happy ending because he caught it early.

Guys, take this opportunity to get yourself feeling great mentally, emotionally, and physically!

Love and Light,

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Liraz Bergman-Turner is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master & the owner of Heavenly Embrace, a massage and energy healing practice in Boulder, CO.

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